Miscellaneous Accessories:

Prices and inventory subject to change.


Nyman bass rosin $16.99
Pirastro Goldflex rosin $16.99
Samuel Kolstein bass rosin. Available in H (hard), A/W (all weather), or S (soft) $12.99
Carlsson bass rosin $14.99
Jade L'Opera rosin J100M $13.49
Pirastro Olive rosin $15.99
Motrya Gold $12.95
Salchow rosin $13.95
Kaplan Premium rosin, KRDD (dark) or KRDL (light) $10.99
Pirastro Eudoxa rosin $12.99
Pops Bass Rosin $9.99
Super-Sensitive Clarity hypoallergenic rosin $12.99
W.E. Hill light or dark rosin $10.99
Gustave Bernadel rosin $11.99
Millant-Deroux rosin $8.99
Hidersine rosin $6.99
Kaplan Art Craft rosin no. 6 (light) or no. 7 (dark) $7.49
D'Addario natural rosin light dark $3.99


Cleaning Supplies

Kolstein's Instrument-All cleaner $19.99
Psarianos Violins Ltd. special violin cleaner & polish $12.99
W.E. Hill varnish cleaner $12.49
Peg compound $12.99
Violins Etc. microfiber polishing cloth $3.99



Dampit humidifier for bass $16.95
Dampit for cello $14.95
Dampit for viola $13.50
Dampit for violin $12.95
Dampit humidifier for fractional violins $5.95
Knilling cello humidifier $14.95



Bech magnetic tailpiece mount mute, cello $15.95
Bech magnetic tailpiece mount mute, violin/ viola $9.95
Metal bridge mount practice mute, cello $14.95
Metal bridge mount practice mute, violin/ viola $13.95
Ultra rubber practice mute, bridge mount, bass $14.95
Ultra Mute, cello $8.95
Ultra Mute, viola $5.25
Ultra Mute for violin. Available in 4/4, 3/4-1/2, and 1/4-smaller $4.95
Sliding wire mute, string mount, bass $11.95
Sliding wire mute, cello $8.95
Sliding wire mute, violin/ viola $2.95
Round tourte rubber mute, bridge mount, bass $4.99
Round tourte mute, cello $3.99
Round tourte mute, viola $2.15
Round tourte mute, violin $1.95
Wooden mute, bridge mount, bass $6.99
Wooden mute, cello $4.99
Wooden mute, violin/ viola $3.99
Super-Sensitive Spector mute, bridge mount, violin $7.95


Stand Lights

Mighty Bright Orchestra LED light $59.00
Mighty Bright XtraFlex Duet 2 dual LED lights $34.99
Mighty Bright XtraFlex Duet dual LED lights $19.99
Mighty Bright XtraFlex Super LED light $12.99