Renting with Violins Etc.

Who we are

Since 1993, Violins Etc has been supporting student and professional string players in the Live Music Capital of the World. Locally owned, Violins Etc was established on the principle that high quality and low cost are not mutually exclusive.  We import wonderful sounding, hand-crafted instruments from European makers to the Austin market (and beyond) at affordable prices.

Violins Etc. is staffed by experienced gigging musicians and performance majors who understand the challenges our customers face.  We are teachers and students and have a real understanding of what our customers need and want.

Strings are our specialty, not guitars, drums or pianos, and our experienced professionals set up and maintain all of our instruments here in the shop.  

Just getting started?  Looking to get back into playing?  Rocking out with a band?  Our friendly staff is eager to help you achieve your musical goals, plus we'll offer you a great cup of coffee!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I rent-to-own?
A: Every month, 100% of the monthly rental fee applies towards purchase of the instrument. After a period of time, the instrument will be paid off via the monthly accrual. You can stop and purchase the instrument at any time and apply the equity that you have accrued towards the purchase price.

Q: Can I rent an instrument for a day?
A: Yes, you can! We offer short-term rentals for our instruments as well. The short-term rental is a flat fee plus a replacement deposit for the instrument. Please call or email for more details.

Q: How much does it cost to rent an instrument?
A: It depends. Different instruments will have different rental costs. Up front, you will be paying for 1 month of rent plus a deposit if applicable. The deposit will vary but may be required at the time of rental.

Q: Do I need to sign up for the Repair Maintenance Agreement?
A: No - the Repair Maintenance Agreement is built into the overall rental cost. The fee varies according to the type of instrument you rent. It covers most accidental damage, including: broken strings (one set per year), bow rehairs or replacement, seasonal adjustments, etc. If something is wrong, bring it in, and we'll take a look at it. Most likely, the Repair Maintenance will cover what it will take to keep you playing!

Q: What if something happens to my instrument? 
A: The Theft and Disaster Replacement is outlined in the information on the rental contract.

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